The Eternal Palace Mythic Boost


Buy The Eternal Palace Mythic run and get into raid with 445+ loot, azerite essences and power, achievements for each boss, battle pets and cutting edge feat of strength. We do runs every week.

ETA 1-5 days.

The Eternal Palace Mythic run includes:

Remember you have to do 1 hit on each boss to get achievements and be allowed to get loot from them. Personal loot mode: you will get loot personally dropped to you with 20% chance from each boss. Our team guarantee you amount of loot depending on number of bosses: Please note that personal loot drops and bonus rolls are included in guaranteed amount.

Loot guarantee from The Eternal Palace Mythic:

  • 8/8 bosses – 5 different slots guarantee
  • 7/8 bosses – 4 different slots guarantee
  • 6/8 bosses – 4 different slots guarantee
  • 5/8 bosses – 3 different slots guarantee
  • 4/8 bosses – 2 different slots guarantee
  • 3/8 bosses – 2 different slots guarantee


  • 120 level character with 410 gear
  • Fresh raid cooldown on your character
  • Selfplay mode
  • Please don’t forget to do at least 1 hit to each boss to be able to get loot from it


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