The Eternal Palace Normal Boost


Buying The Eternal Palace normal you will get full clear within 2 hours with 415+ loot, azerite armor, azerite essences, achievements, underwater boss and chance for 4 new battle pets. Play in the raid with top raiding teams with loot-traders who will give you all available loot depending on chosen options.

TEP normal run includes:

Options for The Eternal Palace normal carry:

  • Selfplay mode: you play on your character yourself
  • Loot trade: choose 1-7 amount of boosters with same armor type to trade you all tradeable loot during full run. There are loot guarantees upon choosing this option. NOTE: if you want to get loot-traders it is required to select amount of traders. Otherwise run will be with personal loot mode.

Guaranteed loot:

  • Default run doesn’t guarantee any amount of items due to randomness of drop rate
  • 3 traders – 4 different items guarantee
  • 5 traders – 6 different items guarantee
  • 7 traders – 10 different items guarantee

If you don’t get guaranteed amount of loot, we will take your character next reset until you get guaranteed amount.

Please note that some warforged and titanforged items cannot be traded because of high ilvl. Your bonus rolls and personal loot drops are included into guaranteed amount.

NOTE: Loot-trade mode will be available in 3 weeks after The Eternal Palace release.


  • 120 level character
  • Fresh raid cooldown
  • If you go selfplay, don’t forget to do 1 hit to each boss to be able to get loot

We don’t ask your secret question during account sharing, so your account will be protected from theft.


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