Buy Queen Azshara heroic kill or another difficulty boost in World of Warcraft (normal/mythic mode) and get clear kill of the last boss in The Eternal Palace raid with loot, title, Ahead of Curve: Queen Azshara or Cutting Edge: Queen Azshara and a chance to loot battle pet. We do runs every day, kill takes 20 minutes. Feats of Strength will remaind obtainable till patch 8.3 and new raid release. Please note that Azshara mythic boost requires character transfer to our guild’s server.

Default Queen Azshara carry include:

  • Kill in personal loot mode (all loot that dropped into your bag)
  • Chance to loot gear 415+ ilvl (normal), 430+ (heroic) or 445+ (mythic)
  • FoS Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara for heroic
  • FoS Cutting Edge: Queen Azshara for mythic
  • Chance to loot pet: Zanj’ir Poker
  • Piloted mode (we log on your character and play on your character during the kill)
  • VPN security matching your country
  • Livestream (please ask for the technical possibility before we start)

Options for WoW Queen Azshara:

  • Normal, Heroic or Mythic mode
  • Selfplay: you play on your character during the kill


  • 120 lvl character
  • Fresh cooldown for Queen Azshara for getting loot
  • If you go self play please don’t forget to do at least 1 hit to the boss
  • If you have ilvl lower than 400 and want to go piloted please contact our support before purchase

VPN software will be used for your account safeness. We don’t ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.


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